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Prescriber Highlights Prototype avermectin drug used in variety of species as an antiparasiticide Contraindications: label specific due to lack of safety data foals, puppies, etc or public health safety lactating dairy animals Caution in Collie-breed dogs Adverse Effects: Pinworm diagram, swelling and pruritus at the ventral mid-line can be seen approximately 24 hours after ivermectin administration due to a hypersensitivity reaction to dead Onchocerca spp.

Dogs: may exhibit a shock-like reaction when ivermectin is used as a microfilaricide, presumably due to a reaction associated pinworm diagram the dying microfilaria. Cattle: ivermectin can induce serious adverse effects by killing the larva when they are in vital areas; may also cause discomfort or transient swelling at the injection site. Mice and rats: may cause neurologic toxicity at doses slightly more than usually prescribed. Birds: death, lethargy or anorexia may be seen.

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Orange-cheeked Waxbill Finches and budgerigars may be more sensitive to ivermectin than other species Chemistry An avermectin anthelmintic, ivermectin occurs as an off-white to yellowish powder.

Unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer, store ivermectin products at room temperature °C. Pharmacology Ivermectin enhances the release of gamma amino butyric acid GABA at presynaptic neurons. GABA milyen gyakran tudok inni parazitaellenes gyógyszereket as an inhibitory neurotransmitter and blocks the post-synaptic stimulation of hogyan kezeljük a féreg férgeket adjacent neuron in nematodes belső szervek tisztítása a parazitáktól the muscle fiber in arthropods.

By stimulating the release of GABA, ivermectin causes paralysis of the parasite and eventual death. As liver flukes and tapeworms do not use GABA as a peripheral nerve transmitter, pinworm diagram is ineffective against these parasites.

In cattle, ivermectin is approved for use in the control of: gastrointestinal roundworms adults and 4th stage larvalungworms adults and 4th stage larvacattle grubs parasitic stagessucking lice, and mites scabies. For a listing of pinworm diagram species covered, refer to the product information. In swine, ivermectin is approved for use to treat GI roundworms, lungworms, lice, and mange mites. In reindeer, ivermectin is approved for use in the control of warbles.

In Postagalamb feregtelenites Bison, ivermectin is approved for use in the control of grubs. In dogs and cats, ivermectin is approved only for use as a preventative for heartworm.

It is also been used as a microfilaricide, slow-kill adulticide, ectoparasiticide and endoparasiticide.


While there is greater bioavailability after SC administration, absorption after oral dosing is more rapid than SC. Ivermectin is well distributed to most tissues, but does not readily penetrate into the CSF, thereby minimizing its toxicity.

Ivermectin has a long terminal half-life in most species see table below. It is metabolized in the liver via oxidative pathways and is primarily excreted in the feces. Ivermectin is not recommended for use in puppies less than 6 weeks old.

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Most clinicians feel that ivermectin should not be used in Collies or Collie-mix breeds at the doses specified for treating microfilaria or other parasites unless alternative therapies are unavailable. After receiving heartworm prophylaxis doses, the manufacturer recommends observing Collie-breeds for at least 8 hours after administration.

pinworm diagram

A pinworm diagram test for identifying dogs that have the gene defect deletion mutation of the mdr1 gene that has been seen in certain genetic lines of Collie-type breeds is now available. Ivermectin is reportedly contraindicated in chelonian species. Because milk withdrawal times have not been established, the drug is not approved for use in lactating dairy animals or females of breeding age.

The injectable products for use in cattle and swine should be given subcutaneously only; do not give IM or Gyomorparaziták tünetei. Reproductive studies performed in dogs, horses, cattle and swine have not demonstrated adverse effects to fetuses.

Reproductive performance in male animals is also apparently unaltered. In humans, the FDA categorizes this drug as category C for use during pregnancy Animal studies have shown an adverse effect on the fetus, but there are no adequate studies in humans; or there are no animal reproduction studies and no adequate studies in humans. In a separate system evaluatingthe safety of drugs in canine pinworm diagram feline pregnancy Papichthis drug is categorized pinworm diagram in class: A Probably safe.

Although specific studies pinworm diagram not have proved the safety of all drugs in dogs and cats, there are no reports of adverse effects in laboratory animals or women. Ivermectin is excreted in milk in low concentrations; it is unlikley to pose significant risk to nursing offspring. The reaction is preventable by administering a glucocorticoid just prior to, and for days after ivermectin. If untreated, swelling usually subsides within 7 to 10 days and pruritus will resolve within 3 weeks.

Dogs may exhibit a shock-like reaction when ivermectin is used as a microfilaricide, pinworm diagram due to a reaction associated with the dying microfilaria. When used to treat Hypoderma bovis larva Cattle grubs in cattle, ivermectin can induce serious adverse effects by killing the larva when they are in vital areas. Larva killed in the vertebral canal can cause paralysis and staggering. Larva killed around the gullet can induce salivation and bloat. These effects can be avoided by treating for grubs immediately after the Heal fly Warble fly season or after the stages of grub development where these areas would be affected.

Cattle may experience discomfort or transient swelling at the injection site. Using a maximum of 10 ml at any one-injection site can help minimize these effects.

In mice and rats, ivermectin may cause neurologic toxicity at doses slightly more than usually prescribed less than 0.

In birds, death, lethargy or anorexia may be seen. Orange-cheeked Waxbill Finches and budgerigars may be more sensitive to ivermectin than other species.

In cattle, toxic effects generally do not appear until dosages of 30x those recommended are injected. Neonatal pigs may be more susceptible to ivermectin overdosages, presumably due to a more permeable blood-brain barrier. Accurate dosing practices are recommended. Dogs Beagles receiving 0. The Collie breed appears to be more sensitive to the toxic effects of ivermectin than other canine breeds.

This may be due to a more permeable blood-brain barrier to the drug or drug pinworm diagram in the CNS of this breed. Pinworm diagram the dosage recommended for heartworm prophylaxis, it is generally believed that the drug is safe to use pinworm diagram Collies. Dogs who receive an overdosage of ivermectin or develop signs of acute toxicity CNS effects, GI, cardiovascular should receive supportive and symptomatic therapy.

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Emptying the gut should be considered for recent massive oral ingestions in dogs or cats. Pinworm diagram more information on ivermectin toxicity in dogs, refer to the following reference: Paul, A. Edited by R. Philadelphia: WB Saunders. Ivermectin has a large safety margin in cats. Acute toxic symptoms associated with massive overdoses in cats will appear within 10 hours of ingestion. Symptoms may include agitation, vocalization, anorexia, mydriasis, rear limb paresis, tremors, and disorientation.

Blindness, headpressing, wall climbing, absence of oculomotor pinworm diagram reflex, and a slow and incomplete response to pupillary light may also be seen. Neurologic symptoms usually diminish over several days and most animals completely recover within weeks. Symptomatic and supportive care is recommended.

Doses As a preventative for heartworm: 1. Minimum dosage of 5. Three tablet sizes are available: For dogs up to 25 lbs 68 micrograms ; lbs micrograms ; and lbs micrograms.

Dogs weighing more than lbs. Monitor for symptoms of toxicity depression, mydriasis, ataxia, vomiting, diarrhea, and shock throughout the day. If no adverse effects are noted, animal may be sent home to return in 3 weeks for microfilaricide concentration test.

If negative at that time, begin prophylaxis therapy. If positive, recheck in one week. If 4 weeks after therapy microfilaria persist, reevaluate for adult heartworms. See the complete reference jó féreg elleni gyógyszerek more information.

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Hribernik 2. Monitor for adverse effects throughout the day; if no serious effects, may discharge in late afternoon. Do not use in Collies or Collie-Mix breeds.

Rawlings and Calvert As an ectoparasiticide miticide : 1. Treatent typically required for months. If toxicity is noted, discontinue. Do not use in collies, Shelties, Old English Sheepdogs and other herding dogs. DeManuelle 3. Beware in sensitive breeds e.

pinworm diagram

Collies, etc. Check heartworm status prior to treatment. Adverse effects are rare outside of sensitive breeds. Foil c As an endoparasiticide: 1. For treatment of parasitic lung disease Capillaria spp. For Oslerus osleri: 0. For Eucoleus boehmi: 0. For Pneumonyssoides caninum: 0. Minimum effective dosage: 0. Rabbits: For Sarcoptes scabiei, Notoedres cati: 0. All rabbits in colony should be treated and cages cleaned and disinfected.

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Burke 3. Cages should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Burke 4. Doses greater than 10 ml should be given at two separate sites. Paul 2.

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Mullowney 3. As a larvicidal for arterial stages of S.


After diluting product, use immediately. Parakeets: 0. Amazons: 0. Sikarskie 4. Has efficacy pinworm diagram Chandlerella quiscali in emus.

Jenson Reptiles For most nematodes, ectoparasites: 1.

pinworm diagram

For lizards, snakes, and alligators: 0. Avoid contact with eyes. Dispose of unused products and containers by incineration or in approved-landfills. Ivermectin may adversely affect fish or other water-borne organisms if pinworm diagram in water. Contact veterinarian if any treated animal exhibits symptoms of toxicity see Adverse effects and Overdosage sections above.

The following may not be a complete listing. Approved for use in swine. Approved pinworm diagram use in cattle not female dairy cattle of breeding age. No milk withdrawal has been established. Approved for use in cattle not female dairy cattle of breeding age and swine.

No milk withdrawal time has been established.